GALLERY JUERGENSEN was established in 1999. Here the art historian Dr. Maren Holst-Juergensen presents both abstract and representational works of contemporary art.

In the beginning she concentrated on painters, graphic artists and sculptors, whose roots are to be found in and around Leipzig, and especially those who have studied at the internationally renowned University of Graphic Art and Book Illustration in Leipzig. It has always been her main interest to make them known in the north of Germany.

Meanwhile the Leipziger Schule is playing a leading role on the international art market. That is why Gallery Juergensen has opened its door to artists of other regions. A comparison with contemporary painting and sculpture from other parts of Germany or from the European neighbours shows the differences and similarities within the multiplicity of art schools.

The GALLERY CONCERTS take place at different times of the year and are becoming increasingly important. Gallery Juergensen offers these concerts as a platform for up coming and highly qualified young musicians, who are at the beginning of their careers.

The Gallery is housed in an old farm, which commands an expansive view over the rolling Holstein countryside. The exhibitions are held in a modern annex, which is not only large and spacious, but also accommodates the 130 chairs used for the concerts. The Gallery is approximately a thirty-minute drive from the centre of Hamburg.

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